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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an adult nightlife, entertainment and social directory.

Is this an agency?

No, is not an agency. We Do Not Solicit for, nor do we send/set up appointments. All advertisers on the website are considered and/or understood to be self employed and/or independent contractors working solely for themselves or the company that they are representing in their listing.

How much does it cost to list on

It is always 100% FREE to join. However, there are upgrade options available.

Who's invited to join?

Our focus is connecting adult business owners with customers, we understand that different types of people enjoy different types of things, so to enhance your options of scenarios, we do encourage users to invite any "Special Friends" they deem worthy of playing in the

How does your pricing compare to similar sites?

We're definitely the most affordable! Our listing prices are about 40% or so less than any other site in its class...and we don't look half bad either ;)

How much of a percentage do you take for business made through your website?

Great question!!!...and the answer is ZERO! Unlike other sites, does NOT take any percentage from any business you may acquire from or made via our website. Your money is YOUR money!

What type of photos can I post?

  • Photos are allowed to be as sexy as you like and may include name, age, date and/or a personal logo.
  • Photos may NOT contain email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Photos may NOT depict or contain obscene nudity, open or spread vagina, open or spread buttocks, bodily fluids, blatant sexual acts or penetration, racism, children or photos of children. Any and all photos are subject to review and will be removed if deemed inappropriate and your account may be deleted without refund.
  • reserves the right, at it’s sole discretion to delete any account and/or remove any photo, at anytime, for any reason without prior notice to users.

How come I only have one photo and other members multiple pics?

Some members choose to upgrade to a featured account. Upgraded accounts allows for more photos, info and other features.

What is an Invite Code and do I need one to join?

An invite code is like your own special key to get in, it's a recommendation for acceptance from the person that invited you. No,.. you don't NEED one, but it would likely be to your advantage. You can still request access, however, all new and independent request will be considered on a case by case basis and approval is not promised or guaranteed.

How do I verify my account/photo?

To verify your account... Take a photo with or without your face showing and post it to your profile (nudity not necessary), then take a second photo as close to identical as possible...same pose, same outfit, same background, and include a sign with the following information...your Username and Date. Go to the website's contact page and send an us email requesting verification. You must have BOTH verification photos posted to your account BEFORE you send the request, and remember to give your username. The admin will contact you soon after to let you know of your status.

How do I change my username?

At this time, you do not have the ability to change your registered username. If you must change it, you can contact us, pay a $5 fee and the admin will change it for you, or you will have to delete your account and make a new one.

Why can't I find any ad results in my city/area?

Still relatively new, we're counting on YOU to spread the word. If you cannot find any results near your city location, it probably means that currently there have been no ads posted in that area.

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